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The Mamastay Story

How we built our village...


First, meet our founder...

Wendy Ayanladewa Ayanbeku

Wendy is a mama of three (Egypt, East and EJ), and she had them all back to back! She is also a life partner to Eric! Her beautiful and goofy little family is pictured below!


Wendy is an accountant by trade, a postpartum mama mentor at Beth Israel hospital in Boston, MA and a Doula in training! Oh and she also is the founder and operations manager of Mamastay and MamaGO! So basically, Ms. Wendy has ALOT going on!

Below is her story...a story of a postpartum mama needing to create her own village and then becoming inspired to help create one for other mamas! 

The Mamastay Team

A team of moms, sisters, health care providers and more, ready to be your village! From Nurses, Lactation Specialist to a Social Worker and more! Our team's diverse talents and passions will leave you feeling seen, heard and understood. 


So...It all started here...

Our founder Wendy, giving birth to her first child, Egypt on June 10th, 2019.

Let me tell you more...Cause NO ONE told me.

By Wendy Ayanladewa Ayanbeku, Founder

Welcome to Mamastay! My name is Wendy Ayanbeku and I am the founder of Mamastay and Mamago! As a seasoned mother of three little ones - Egypt, East, and Ej - I understand the joys and challenges of motherhood all too well.

Mamastay was born out of my own experience after giving birth to my third child. While lying in my hospital bed, I marveled at how I had managed to deliver three children in the span of 3 years. While, beautiful it was, the physical, emotional and mental tolls deeply impacted my ability to see myself and identity outside of the role of mama...something no one warned me about! During my journey towards building my strength and my village, I was able to reconnect with my personal and professional aspirations, and fell into the passion of serving and supporting other mamas!


It was through the realization of how much love, community, connection and support freshly postpartum moms need..but like tangible support (Like, dishes being washed, baby being held so I could take nap or a shower, laundry, that amazon package that I have been meaning to return for weeks, etc), that I was able to dream up Mamastay! As a result, Mamastay was created with love, empathy and the desire to address the needs of moms at its core. Over the past year, I have assembled a team of nurses, a midwife, other experienced mothers and family, who share my vision for a safe and nurturing space for moms and their little ones.


I invite you to join us on this journey as we continue to build a community that offers tangible supports, relaxation and rejuvenation to both mommy and baby. Connect with us to learn more about Mamastay and discover the many ways we can support you on this incredible journey called motherhood.

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